At Miniversity Early Learning Centre our experienced and qualified staff devise a program of activities for all children which enhances their development. Plans are made based on written observations of each child’s progress. Our programs assist children to face each new challenge with confidence and enjoyment.

Your child’s Group Leader will write a daily plan to be displayed in their room which will itemise the events of the day. Your Group Leader is always available to explain this to you should you wish for further clarification. Please take time to read these so you know what exciting things your child is learning and experiencing with their friends.

Routine events form an important part of our day and are the foundation upon which our programs are made. Research has proven that young children feel more secure and confident if they know what to expect at certain times of day. For example – morning tea is at approximately 10am, we share our mat time together in our group, we all practice our bathroom skills each day at different times etc. We build this kind of re-assurance into the program so children are able to relax more and focus on their enjoyment of the activities rather than worrying about what might happen next – so when our staff talk about routines in our program they could mean many different types of regular activity.

Our staff program to educate and build on the skills of children in the following developmental areas:

  • Language Development                            
  • Social Development
  • Intellectual Development                    
  • Emotional Development
  • Physical development                            
  • Creative Development
  • Life Skills Development

As you peruse your child’s daily program you will be able to see which activities will enhance each of these areas. Should you be interested just ask our staff or our Director for further explanation of specific skills learned in each activity. You will find that we have posters and other items around the centre which also offer clarification on program design issues for you. Please take time to read these.

Included as a natural part of the program are educational plans covering issues like: 

·  Hygiene training – Why, how & when to wash hands correctly, brush teeth with the correct technique, how to eat meals without passing germs to friends etc.

·  Health training – Dental practice, sunscreen application, wearing hats & the right clothing for sun safety, what to do if you cough, how to use tissues  effectively & wash hands, how to make  good food choices for health, and how to use the bathroom  facilities hygienically and safely.

·   Safety Training – Why & how to think about your actions first, safe ways to use toys & equipment, to practice an emergency evacuation drill, how to take care of friends & self as we play.

Staff programs are evaluated regularly, with parent input welcome at any time, thus ensuring that our plans remain up to date with each child’s current developmental needs. Evaluation & monitoring of our plans, practice and procedures is an ongoing part of the program and quality improvement process.


Our programs offer a balance of active and passive experiences, indoor and outdoor play and learning in accordance with the current Department of Communities and NCAC guidelines.


The program also allows for flexibility so that children’s interests can be accommodated within the scope of the learning process. In this way our children may drive the program and explore areas of learning that are relevant to them.

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