Learning Environments

Monash – (Ages 6 weeks – 12 months)   We are honored to have the opportunity to give your baby the best start in life. At Miniversity we strive to provide a safe, happy, stimulating, caring and fun environment in which your child will develop physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. We incorporate family rituals and routines throughout the day to help your child feel safe and loved. Infants need security most of all.  They thrive on the warmth and caring that comes from a close relationship with their educator. We thank you, in advance for choosing Miniversity as your child’s first educational journey.

Princeton( Ages 12 months – 2 years)  At Miniversity we are excited at the chance to be a part of your Toddlers educational journey. Your toddler will be challenged with daily routines so they feel secure in what is coming next.  Through activities inside and out, we will help promote physical development of large muscles used in gross motor activities and through reading and talking constantly they will hear words used and pronounced properly. With patience and respect, a good self image and confidence are encouraged in your child.  A great deal of love, support and consistency will see your child continue to develop in all areas. During this stage of your child’s life, expect to see some “separation blues”.  Rest assured we will work with you and your child to make this transition for both of you as easy as possible. You are welcome to call the centre to check at any time, to make sure your child has settled.

Trinity – (Ages 2 years – 3 years)  We encourage your child to learn concepts and form ideas through self-initiated activities, moving, listening, searching and feeling. This exploration and learning occurs through play with a social and emotional curriculum. Teachers will help your child find appropriate ways to assert themselves by supporting their individuality and by giving them choices wherever possible. They will introduce social guidelines, as well as stimulating gross motor skills and fine motor skills that are developed through completing simple activities, through to more complex activities. Conflicts at this age are common.  We see these as the chance to teach and focus on ways to be kind and helpful. At Miniversity, we are excited at the opportunity of expanding your child’s educational experience. 

Oxford – (Ages 3 years – 6 years)  Our Kindy room has a fully qualified Bachelor of Early Education Teacher dedicated to enhancing your child’s readiness for Prep. In Oxford we encourage active learning in which your child, by acting on objects and interacting with people, ideas and events, develop new understandings. Your child will be encouraged to help plan their activities and are free to explore and discover while using their own language and problem solving to describe what they are achieving. Teachers will provide both verbal and non-verbal support.  The daily routine will include outside play, small group time and large group activities. At Miniversity, a teacher will work closely with your child to nurture their love of learning and realise their personal best. We look forward to your child’s educational journey beginning with us. 

 ‘Ad Vitam Paramus – we are preparing for life’


Four spacious rooms
Separate cot/sleep room attached to Nursery
Glassed perimeters ensure natural lighting and ventilation throughout the day
Air conditioning throughout the entire service
Security  key entry  and security cameras in all rooms and common areas


Large outdoor areas including  separate spaces for children under 2 years
Vegetable Garden 
Shaded Play Areas
Sand Pits & Mud Pit
Various play gyms to suit each age group and ability

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